Best workout equipment for a starter home gym

Resistance Bands


“Resistance bands are the most affordable, easiest to store and transport and are the most accessible equipment for all levels of fitness,” said Dan Lawrence, a fitness coach at MYXfitness. “They are fantastic for resistance training because they reduce impact on the joints, which can occur from traditional dumbbell or barbell movements.”



“Kettlebells can be a little on the pricier side as far as weights go, but they take up relatively little space at home and all you need is one to get a total body gym that will last you a lifetime and provide workouts that highlight strength, movement efficiency and cardiovascular endurance,” Lawrence added.


Exercise Bike


“I always recommend some sort of cardio machine regardless of what your goals are,” said DeBlair Tate, a certified health and fitness trainer/coach. “If you have knee, back, or joint issues, you may want to look into getting an upright exercise bike or what we call a static bike. The benefit of this bike is that it gives you a workout that is low-impact and uses smooth movements to strengthen bones and joints without putting much pressure on them.”

Free Weights


“I also think that everyone that has a goal to gain strength and/or tone muscle should have or have access to a dumbbell set or rack,” Tate shared. “Serious strength and mass goals can be achieved by training with just dumbbells alone.”


Strength-Training Machines


“This next must-have is on my top hit list. I think I can speak for the ladies when I say legs are very important for us, so a leg extension or leg press machine is a high recommendation. The leg extension targets the quadriceps, which are the large muscles of the front of the thigh,” Tate explained. “I’ll cater to the fellas on this one, but I can’t say that the ladies won’t get awesome benefits from it as well. The shoulder and chest press machine is another must-have in my book. The main reason I recommend this machine is that the exercises you perform on the machine can help you with things like improved posture, and believe it or not, better breathing.”

Jump Rope


“Everyone should have a good quality jump rope at home. They are a great tool to elevate your heart rate and get you burning some calories and sweating, no matter if you are in the living room or the backyard,” said Rodrigo Garduño, the founder of the fitness company 54D. “Those looking to challenge themselves can always try nailing the double under, by swinging the rope twice under your feet before touching the floor again.”

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